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IELTS Speaking test in the Philippines – April 2015

IELTS Speaking test in the Philippines – April 2015

Speaking test


- What is your full name?

- Can I see your ID?

- Where are you from?

- Do you work or study?

- Do you find your job interesting? Why?

- What will be the future changes in your field?

- What activities do you like to do at weekends?

- What did you do last weekend?

- Who was there with you?

- Do you mostly spend weekends on study or leisure?

- What is your favourite part of the weekend? Why?

- Lets talk about habits.

- What do you do during your free time?

- What books do you like to read?

- Where is the best place to read at your home?

Cue Card

Talk about an advice that you gave to someone. Please say

- What was the advice?

- To whom did you give it?

- How did the person react?


- What do you think about a person who gives advice to others but never takes any advice given to him/her?

- Who gives you advice at your work?

- Are young people capable of giving a good advice?

- Would you prefer to get an advice or to take a training course?

- Are there communities or groups that offer advice in your hometown?

- Who are the people in your community that give advice?

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